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Best Prints (pun-intended)! https://www.kbestphotography.com/blog/2018/1/prints In today's digital world, photography is very tricky! When you hire a photographer, a large part of what you're paying for is their editing time, but unfortunately photographers have no way of knowing how clients see the photos. Yikes!!! In a nutshell, please, please, please get your favs printed through me! Sales pitch? Nope. Here's why:


Photo coloring will absolutely look different on every monitor, phone, iPad, Facebook page, etc. Likewise, photo coloring will look different from all non-professional printers (Shutterfly, Tiny Prints, Cosco, Target, Walmart, etc). This is the case for all types of lighting, but particularly for studio lighting. Trust me, I loveeee Shutterfly. If you come to my house you'll see tons of albums by them... for the photos I take with my iPhoneNot the photos I pour editing time into from processing raw image files, fussing over skin tones, and tweaking color temperate by tiny degrees.


I highly recommend getting your favorites printed professionally!!! (The type that only works with professional photographers.) I work with a professional printer to ensure coloring is spot-on and quality is high. My monitor is calibrated to their monitors AND printers, taking away the display varying factor. The coolest part? Their designers do color checks and make adjustments accordingly to each and every print BY HAND! They reprint the photos free of charge for me if there's any balancing issues of my concern.


Another big part of the editing process is making the photos print-ready with blurred and/or darkened edges (or other style depending on session). When clients take on printing with a non-professional printer, images often need cropped. This happens when say... making an 4x6 into a 8x10... or fitting images into those Holiday card templates... or making a collage on an album page layout. When images are cropped differently than how they were processed to be sized, they lose the intended composition. I do not charge for needing to crop and adjust images to be print ready (even though this can sometimes take significant extra editing time).


Would you make your own pizza, hand roll the dough, carefully place the toppings... then cook it in the microwave? It's still pizza. It's still cooked. Does it really matter? Lol, maybe that's a bad, cheese-y (yep another pun intended) example, but you get the picture (ok, maybe overboard on the puns?).


I promise, this is NOT a sales plug to make more money!! It is my offer to help ensure you get the highest quality product possible. In fact, I offer printed products at a very small markup- that only covers a small portion of my time investment- because I truly care that much about your keepsakes. I do all size prints/ enlargements, high quality albums (with tons of fun canvas, leather, wooden, etc cover options), canvases, birth announcements, cards, wooden/ acrylic/ canvas prints, frames, books, wall art, USBs, ... just about anything you could want! I have paper samples in my studio on the countless options you have.


Prints, albums, birth announcements, canvases, and other products are available through your online gallery. Let me know of questions!

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